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We offer a variety of different routine maintenance plans to help you assure that your product is delivering the performance that you expect. In particular, for our calibrated infrared cameras, we advise that annual maintenance and calibration be performed to help assure the continued accuracy and performance of your camera. Without it, your camera may deliver false measurements which can have a significant impact on its ability to deliver accurate measurements.

Recognizing the importance of maintenance and calibration for our products, we offer the economical plans shown below.

     Product Check-upFor a nominal fee, we offer the Product Check-up, a relatively simple procedure wherein we test all basic product functions to verify proper operation. We will perform an image quality check, review product hardware, check display quality. Test all electrical connections and battery storage quality and check for proper lens coverings. If we find a problem with your product during the check-up, we will issue an evaluation report for your review.
    Infrared Camera
    Multi-point Accuracy
This is perfect annual test for radiometric infrared cameras. During the IR Camera Multi-point Accuracy Test, we measure radiometric accuracy when observing several blackbody temperatures in the camera's object temperature range. The test is performed at a specified ambient temperature. An Accuracy Certificate is provided with the test results and NIST traceability.
    Infrared Camera     Recalibration IR Camera Recalibration is a full recalibration of the camera. A calibration certificate verifying NIST traceability is provided.

Please contact us for pricing on your product. You may contact us using any of the following methods:
  • Complete our online Service Request Form
  • Phone: In the US, call 973-882-0211 and ask for Service Department.
  • Fax: Send us a fax at 973-882-0997, addressed to Service Department.
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