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1) Prior to shipping any item, Customer must first contact Electrophysics Service Department and provide the serial number for the product to be repaired as well as a description of the symptoms. See the Request Service Form.
2) Note:
a. Items covered under Electrophysics Warranty or Extended Warranty shall be expedited in accordance with the warranty terms and returned to the Customer.
b. Items not covered under any warranty will be subject to an Evaluation Fee that varies with the model. Contact our Service Dept. for the fee amount.
a. If you are located outside the US, be aware that certain Electrophysics products require that export control documents be completed prior to their return to the US. Consequently, in these situations, please inform our Service Department about your non-US location.
3) After containing Electrophysics, our Service Department will issue a Return Material Authorization(RMA) number. The RMA number must be marked clearly on the outside of the package being returned. Ship the item requiring repair to the following address:

The following information must be included on the Packing Slip or inside the package:
  • Return Authorization Number
  • Unit serial number
  • Reason for return including a complete description of the symptoms and problem
  • Point of contact information person returning item
  • Billing address (for non-warranted items)
  • Return shipping address.
4) Upon receipt, repair of items received by Electrophysics that are determined to be covered under Electrophysics Warranty or Extended Warranty shall be expedited and returned to the Customer at the return shipping address provided.
5) Items received by Electrophysics that are not covered under any warranty shall be evaluated by a qualified Electrophysics Service Technician. Following the evaluation, when the extent of the required repairs are known, our Service Department will contact you prior to proceeding with any repair with an estimate of the total cost for the repair as well as any options that may be available.
6) Once the Customer provides Electrophysics with approval to proceed with repair and the method of payment is determined (purchase order, prepayment via check, wire transfer or credit card), an estimated turn-around time will be provided and the repairs will be performed.
7) If the repair is declined, an Evaluation Fee will be charged. Please note that this charge does not include shipping charges of the product back to the customer.
8) When the repairs are complete, the product will be returned via the method requested by the customer.

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