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Infrared Fundamentals for R&D and Testing
Training Course

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In the thermal imaging world, whether the application is product development, target signature, non-destructive testing, quality control or something more exotic, obtaining the optimal results requires that the thermal imaging equipment and associated software must be properly matched with the application. However, hardware and software are only part of the equation. A huge part of success in any application is the knowledge and training that the operator has achieved. Without proper training most users of thermal imaging systems will not get the most out of their equipment and therefore the results.

Electrophysics has partnered with The Snell Group to be our supplier of thermal imaging for Research, Development, and Testing applications. Snell Infrared is a world leader in the training and certification of thermographers with over 20 years of experience. The folks at Snell have organized a training course that specializes in the demanding needs of our R&D customers. We invite you to learn more about this exciting training program.

Now, the experts at Electrophysics can work with our clients to assure that they are using the proper hardware and software to meet their application needs. Snell Infrared can provide professional training to insure that the user can unlock the intricacies of the equipment and the applications. It is a Win/Win/Win situation!

Tuition: The cost for registration for this course is $1,750 and includes all the costs associated with this infrared training program (the course and materials) as well as breakfast and lunch for each course day.

Who is the Instructor?

Greg McIntosh is a registered professional engineer specializing in heat transfer and thermodynamics. He has decades of practical experience in the thermal Infrared imaging industry working for private industry, consulting, government and IR manufacturers.

He started the first North American Infrared Training Center for AGA Infrared Systems (now FLIR Systems) in 1979. He has trained thousands of thermographers — some of whom are leading industrial experts and trainers in the field today. In 1981 he helped establish the curriculum and was a principal trainer for the Joint Public Works Canada/GSA North American Building Training Course — the very first certification course for infrared thermographers.

After his automation company, Viewscan Ltd., was purchased by AGEMA Infared, he held positions as Technical Director for AGEMA North America, Vice President of AGEMA Automation, and after their merger with FLIR Systems, Product Manager of Automation Products.

Drawing on his diversified background in engineering, thermal imaging, automation and training he has helped many companies successfully implement their infrared programs in research, product development and testing. He has written training manuals and published practical guides and papers on applied thermography, including a chapter in the handbook, The Theory and Practice of Radiation Thermometry. He has sat on numerous technical and standard committees and was chairman of SPIE ThermoSense XI in 1989.


This 4-day, 32-hour course provides an excellent opportunity to learn and explore all of the issues related to using infrared thermography for solving new and unique research, design, development and test applications. An extensive variety of topics will be covered including:

  • The variety and types of infrared imaging equipment
  • The basics of infrared imaging and radiometry
  • Heat transfer, thermodynamic and material issues affecting infrared imaging
  • Implementing sound test methodology using infrared equipment
  • Measurement errors, how to account for and minimize them
  • Different analytical methods for qualitatively and quantitatively analyzing infrared data
  • How to evaluate and choose the appropriate infrared equipment for specific tasks
  • How others have implemented successful test and research programs

Who should attend?

  • Scientists, researchers, engineers or technicians involved in heat transfer and thermodynamics and temperature measurement
  • Production and process test engineers
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Thermographers who want to expand their knowledge beyond predictive maintenance
  • Anyone involved in using or managing infrared thermography for new or unprecedented applications

There is no prerequisite for this course. Cameras and software will be available for use if you do not yet own thermal imaging equipment.

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