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Moisture Detection
Infrared cameras are also useful for performing thermal inspection of flat roof systems to quickly locate the areas where retained moisture is trapped in subsurface insulation allowing immediate targeted repair of only the damaged areas. By exploiting the differences in thermal capacitance of moist and dry roof areas, retained moisture in these roof systems can be quickly located. Additionally, there has been an increased awareness of the danger of mold in homes, office buildings and schools and the resulting health impact on individuals. Potential health problems associated with mold exposure can take the form of allergic reactions or asthma. In addition to incidental moisture egress, the near catastrophic impact of flooding on commercial buildings has created an entire remediation industry. Thermal imaging with infrared cameras permits building owners and insurance companies to identify the extent of water damage, and, by delivering rapid drying or remediation services, to save in building restoration.
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MicronViewer 8640 InGaAs Camera
MicronViewer 8640

The MicronViewer 8640 SWIR Camera is an ultra compact InGaAs-based SWIR camera based on a new generation of Sofradir InGaAs detectors. The 8640 includes a 640x512 InGaAs array having excellent sensitivity and resolution in a compact housing. The camera includes desktop software resulting in a plug-and-play solution. In addition, the camera is available as a module with simplified interfaces for easy integration into SWIR-based systems that optimally drive the detector and perform image processing functions. The MicronViewer 8640 is well adapted to a large range of scientific applications such as laser profiling, spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging and machine vision.

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Infrared Cameras - MicronViewers 7290 and 7292M
MicronViewers 7290 and 7292M

The MicronViewer is a near infrared video camera with spectral response from 0.4 to 1.9 µm (2.2 µm optional). Simple controls and compact size make the 7290 easy to use. Used by optical telecom component developers, the camera’s combination of high sensitivity, high resolution, compact size and low price have made it the world’s best selling short-wave infrared camera.

The MicronViewer 7292M is a high performance near infrared camera designed for the detection of near infrared radiation in the spectral range from 0.4 to 1.9 µm (2.2 µm optional). It is extremely useful for applications requiring high performance, flexibility and maximum stability. The camera features a separate camera head and control unit facilitating adjustments while the camera is in use. Front panel controls allow for a variety of different optimization methods. Controls for auto/manual gain and black level selection permit the maximum possible contrast enhancement for the most demanding of low contrast imaging applications.

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